Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Ten Little Known Facts about Me

If I try to close my mouth while applying mascara, my accuracy decreases to the point that it will end up anywhere but on my eyelashes.

I often dream in black and white.

I have taken 421 books out on my library card since I joined in August 2010.

I am at my happiest in the pouring rain on a long hike (as long as I have good boots).

I sing kids' nursery rhymes as often as I do my favourite music (I work with kids).

You could make me do almost anything for a bar of 75% dark chocolate. I would happily kill, providing that a percentage is paid in advance.

I swore off coffee for two and a half months, and now a cup of freshly ground Columbian will keep me awake for nearly two days.

I broke my nose running into a wall at Laser Quest. Haven't been since, and am now wary of black concrete that looks like shortcuts.

Getting letters in the post (real ones, not bills) makes me happier than when I find double rainbows.

I could grow old, happy and fat on a diet consisting entirely of marmalade on toast.