I started blogging because of a bet. Nope, not (as my blog title seems to announce) because my brain was about to implode from all of the incredibly useful and life-changing things bouncing around in it. This isn't some self-help site. It's a slightly rueful commentary on a very normal life, which shows a girl who doesn't get it right very often.

So a bet may not be a good reason to start, but it's not exactly surprising that that's what it took. Mine was a fiver on the odds that I couldn't post one blog a week until Christmas 2010.

I lost the bet. They were right - life got in the way, as did busyness, and suddenly blogging didn't seem that important. And yet my fingers started itching a couple of weeks ago, and my thoughts just couldn't stay in my skull anymore. I suppose it's better that they're on a little page in my corner of the web - after all, if someone doesn't want to read them, there's a useful little cross in t'corner.

Enjoy poking around. It's a mélange of thoughts and snatches of verse and poetry, quotes, and scraps of humour.