At the moment...

I finally got around to studying the right degree. It's a challenging course of politics, history, language analysis, literature, art and science, all exploring this funny mishmash of words that we call the English language. And I'm writing again. Finally.

My life is chaotic, colourful, and busy. Language, marriage, theatre, community, family, studying, and of course reading. I wouldn't have it any other way, but I also crave the moments where I can run away from everything and head to my reading spot in a forgotten corner of Saltwell Park. I tend to bring a flask for two, so who knows? Perhaps one of these days you'll be one of those passersby, glancing at the girl reading curled up against a tree... feel free to say hello.

I know that God's faithful. He won't change even though I will, even though life will. I've had some challenging prophecies (which are equally cool) spoken over my life, as well as scraps of words this year. It's brilliant that my God 'is the same yesterday, today and forever'. Hebrews 13:8.