Saturday, 21 January 2012


There is a big tomcat
That follows me home,
With fur that sticks sideways
And needs a good comb.

He's rake thin and ginger,
And missing an ear,
And there isn't a sign
Of a tail on his rear.

He does try his hardest
When he's purring at you,
But he sounds like a spitfire
From nineteen-oh-two.

His general antics would
Have me in cahoots,
Were it not for the cat hairs
He leaves on my boots.

So I wish I could say
That he makes me smile.
That his roguish attentions
Make it worthwhile.

My shooings and booings
And loud scary hisses
Have less impact than if
I were blowing him kisses.

There is a big tomcat
That follows me home,
And I flippin' well wish
He would leave me alone!


*sigh* True story, unfortunately. Big orange blob which can only loosely be called a cat. Anyone got ideas for getting him to go away (short of loaning me a bazuka?)

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  1. Thanks 4 putting this up! Made my day. :D xxxxx