Friday, 16 March 2012

Slippers or Socks?

Not everyone has them. I know it's a tad controversial. Some just aren't the slipper type - to be honest, before my Slippers, neither was I. And I'd still take socks any day if they weren't there. They also happen to be bright pink, and as you probably know (or maybe you don't...) I'm really not a girly girl. Pink and I have a love-hate relationship (which is actually more of a hate-hate relationship).

They're embarrassingly fluffy. It looks like rabid pink hairy doughnuts have swallowed my feet when I'm wearing them. If I have to venture outside of my room wearing them it's a zip to the loo, or the quickest tea-making trip known to man. I'll peek my head out the door, watch the stairs carefully, and then go-for-it! (If someone sees me in the kitchen, I fix my eyes on a spot just past their head and pretend I'm not wearing furry - but very comfortable - monstrosities on my feet.)

There's nothing more satisfying than wiggling my toes in them. They're the perfect companion in the early morning when I'm up doing work yet again, when the house is quiet and sort of muffled because everyone's actually asleep, and even the sky outside is only just lightening to a soft, dusky grey. They never argue, they never distract me. They simply sit there, smugly assuming that I'll put them on when my feet need warming, secure in the knowledge that not even my stripy soft bedwarmer socks come higher than they do.

This morning was one of those mornings. It's been a crazy week. Finally, the Vigil was ready - no more dress rehearsals, just the real thing! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday night... I'm utterly shattered. I've been trying to do my work around the show, but there was so much! Which is why, at 4:30 this morning, I was spending some quality time with my slippers, my laptop, and a good cuppa tea.

We can so easily treat God like I do my slippers; like He's convenient. Ready when we need Him. Just waiting for us to remember His presence.

He's so much more than that. He is not a convenient tool. He doesn't hover on a cloud with nothing to do when I'm not around. Dude, the privilege in this relationship is all on my side. He is a massive, loving, awesome (and I mean that in the slightly scary way), powerful God. I am a squeeny not-quite-twenty student who blogs. 'Nuff said.

I never go out of the house without checking my keys/phone are with me. I check frequently during the day to make sure that these apparently life-important things are in a pocket, or safely stowed away in my bag. My heart beats faster if they don't jump into my hand the second I start rooting around for them.

Yahweh is all-important, or should be. I need to be checking that I'm with Him in the morning when I rush out the door. A quiet poke during the day, asking 'You here?' (Heehee, I imagine it to be a bit like this...)

This is a relationship, a friendship, companionship, family. He's real. He has feelings. Not in a hippie I'm-so-hurt kinda way, but in the genuine grief that you have when someone you're in a relationship with doesn't bother - whether that's your friend, brother, mum, sister... The incredible truth is that even though I do forget that sometimes, He does wait. And seriously, He does a lot of waiting. Relationships require two people putting something in.

Anyway. It started off with slippers and ended with philosophy. My blog posts are awesome.

Much love and laughter,

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