Thursday, 19 April 2012

Things what I learnt at Uni

I'm entirely fuelled on tea. I'd bleed Tetley's if you gave me a paper cut.

It's totally possible to go nearly three days without sleep and not really notice until your contact lenses are fused to your eyeballs and it takes nearly twenty minutes to gently peel them off.

I would prefer to get up at some ridiculous time of the morning than to work until that time to get work finished. (i.e. work from 4am onwards than until 4am.)

You can get surprisingly possessive over desk space in the library. Avoid loo breaks if you want to keep yours, as desk thieves are always near by. (They're like rats. You're never anywhere less than 3m away from one at any given time.)

I'd seriously consider moving to the library permanently during exam season if they'd install showers nearby. As it is, my sleeping bag will remain where it is... for now.

And last but not least, the sunsets from my window never cease to take my breath away.
I so wish I had a camera right now that my fingers are aching. I'll just have to try and capture it in words instead.

It's been raining all day, and it's only just eased off. The sky is a soft, intense canopy of purple grey which stretches across the horizon as far as you can see. Against this dramatic backdrop the city lies in a sudden burst of unexpected sunshine, houses saturated in gold. Colours are suddenly more vibrant, despite how overcast it is, a boon of clarity after hours of grey drizzle and the angry battering of rain against my windows. 

And arcing across the skyline is a faint rainbow.


The funniest thing today was probably that I managed to get soaked this morning on the way to the corner shop, only to get sunburnt across my nose this afternoon. Ah, the joys of being able to get sunburnt in the weak April sun.

I would sulk, but I became resigned to my paleness a while ago - even to the point of finding it amusing. I get rather confused when I'm supposed to tick a box for nationality. White Caucasian, apparently. But, you see, I am rarely, if ever, white. I usually sport varying degrees of pinkness. When I am 'normal', I am a lighter pink with permanently pinky flushed cheeks, pink nose, pink ears... And not even even, but there we are. When I am hot, I fluctuate between bright pink and an unattractive shade which lingers dangerously close to boiled lobster and smacks unfavourably of tomato.

And when I'm cold, I turn purple and orange.

Everything about me appears to be designed to give me the best sense of humour. Which I hope I have, except when I decide to give up tea for a fortnight.

For the safety and sanity of those around me, I solemnly swear never to do anything so idiotic again.

Much love and laughter,

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