Friday, 4 May 2012

Lucky Charm

If you have known me for very long at all, you will probably know that the three loves of my life (foodwise, anyway!) are marmalade, tea and bagels. It also helps that you can combine them.

I was walking through Broadmead this afternoon, and lo and behold, a new café had appeared!

Forget the surly souls at subway, the messy mortals at maccy d's, and the costly cheer of costa's chomps; if you'd like an affordable mouthful of sunshine, please go to Lily B's, home of fine bagels. It's placed perfectly to get sunshine during the day for those who sit at the small tables outside, tucking into the fabulous food. A range of choice ingredients, fresh bread and bagels, with hot drinks also provided.

You know me. Even when I'm buying a sandwich I can't help having a good natter with the person behind the counter. Said person was Kevin, a man probably in his early 60's with the most genuine smile I have seen all day, a warm personality, and an interest in providing quality scrumptious food to all who cross the threshold of this kiosk café.

He opened five weeks ago, and because of where they are Lily B's has rapidly become a firm favourite with the business quarter of Bristol. Why go somewhere else when you can get quality food from a lovely human being right on your doorstep?

We were so busy talking that he cheerfully bid me goodbye without taking any money from me. If I hadn't remembered to pay neither of us would have. The warm bagel was wrapped meticulously into a brown paper parcel and placed in a paper bag. I could smell the delicious aromas all the way home.

Opening it up at home was like opening a present. A toasted poppy seed bagel spread with full fat cream cheese, sweet onion chutney, sundried tomatoes, cracked black pepper, and of course elevated by the fresh bite of rocket.

If you haven't yet visited Lily B's, I suggest you do so. I've been told I'm now his lucky charm, so what's a girl to do when faced with such flattery?

What any woman would do. Go back, of course.

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