Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Bucket List Challenge

Now that I've reached the grand old age of twenty, I felt like I should make a bucket list. A list of things to do before I'm old and boring. (Or before I have to pay grown up bills, like mortgages, council tax and other rubbishy bits that you get landed with when you stop being a student.)

So. I mentioned this to friends over the past few days, and they were (more than) happy to suggest some things.

And to
dare me to get 'em all done.

I have 'til 18th July 2013 to do as many as is Rachily possible, and provide photographic evidence where possible.

1. Make a 10-tier cake.
2. Abseil down a 400m drop. (I'm allowed equipment, apparently. Yeah, generous.)
3. Ride a bicycle on the Great Wall of China, from one end to the other. (In addition, don't get arrested.)
4. Write, direct and film a short video about absolutely anything. It has to be funny, and I have to play all the parts. (I am doomed.)
5. Choose a national stereotype; then dress, act and speak like it for a day (i.e. Aussie, French, Irish...)
6. Go back to Laserquest. Don't go to A & E.
7. Go fishing. Barbecue whatever we catch right there on the beach.
8. Build a lego house big enough to fit a person.
9. Go to the driving range with my Dad. Hit past the 50yd mark without slicing or hooking (or whatever it's called.)
10. Mail at least fifty letters (this I can do!)
11. Make 1000 origami paper cranes. (Where am I supposed to put them all?!)
12. Give up tea for a month. (whimper)
13. Walk to Caerphilly from Bristol. Don't get lost.
14. Memorise The Highwayman (all of it), by Alfred Noyes.
15. Take a ride in a hot air balloon.
16. Feed fifty people in one sitting.
17. Climb 10 different trees.
18. Learn how to catch fish with your hands. And then do it.
19. Take a vow of silence for a week.
20. Go skydiving. Don't die.

Hmm. When I put all of that together, it looks pretty impossible. But... it also looks like fun. So...

Challenge accepted.

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