Friday, 12 April 2013

Things what I learnt at Mobilise

I can be a half-decent barista. If you are optimistic, have no taste-buds, and squint sideways at the drab-looking espresso in your cup, and you don't mind burnt milk (yup, that's possible when steaming it). Conclusion?

Let me do tills. I'm good with tills.

I can multitask. If multitasking counts as talking to someone and drinking my hot chocolate at the same time. Yeah, that's right. Livin' the dream here.

I'm a criminal. I smuggled a microwave from the chalet to the marquee along with Coops to ensure hot soup for the other team. Not even going to turn myself in. Rebel.

It's entirely possible to laugh til you cry, and cry til you laugh. We explore our emotions quite thoroughly at these events.

If I get in my head that your name is Josh, even when it's Matt, you will be called Josh every time I see you even if you correct me every single time. Because my memory will triumph in what I think is the right name. And I will be conned by it - every single time. Dirty little trickster.

Running a coffee shop for a thousand people with strangers will have you feeling like they're family by the end of the week. Because when the tea hits the cup, you have to rely on each other.

Holiday parks actually have push showers. You know, the ones where you press the button and then when it decides you've had enough water you have to scrabble to push it again whilst half-blinded by shampoo? They feel like lukewarm spit is being dribbled down your face. No really. You missed out.

I can leave my phone anywhere and it will still be there when I come back for it. Because even a mugger would give that back.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is so breathtakingly beautiful.

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  1. Love it! Made me laugh till I cried until I came.