Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Grey days

It would have been easy to be disappointed when I looked out the window about an hour ago and found it was a grey day. No more sunshine touching every leaf and blade of grass and painting them in deep, vibrant colours. No liquid gold gilding each and every silhouette. 

Different, but not worse. Because when you wake up to a day where rain fell during the night, the air has that glorious taste to it. It tastes like rain. It's like biting into a fruit - fresh, and tangy, giving you that slightly zingy feel that only air which has been swollen with water until very recently can give.

Today, it's colder. There's a noticeable chill in the air. I went out into the garden in my bare feet and found that the grass is cold and wet. The feeling of my toes wriggling in that freshness coaxed a startled laugh from my throat.

Today? It feels swollen with fresh possibilities. Not as though we have to wait for another sunny day, and grumble our way back indoors to the promise of a cup of tea and to stay inside. 

Grey days aren't waiting days. They're opportunities. 

So quit yo' whining (as Arnie would say), put on another jumper and go have an adventure.

Life's too short to wait for sunshine.

Much love and laughter,

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