Friday, 10 May 2013


I don't just want to SEE, m'sieur
My soul, it needs to know.
My feet cannot stay quiet, love, 
Don't ask me not to go.

I want to have adventures - not
The ones we found in books.
The world is so much bigger than
Our comfort lets it look.

Adventures do not shine, madame,
They sometimes disappoint.
I know I cannot box things in 
Or make each hour count.

But ask me why those stations
That I still have yet to see
Call out in joyful chorus
As though they were family.

Don't leave me my exploring
Or turn your face in grief
This isn't just a phase, love,
It will not last a week.

I'm built to want adventures,
To see new things and taste.
I may for some things linger
And others leave in haste.

Please don't wait for postcards, 
And prop them near your bed.

When I leave for an adventure, love
Come join me there instead.

Much love,

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