Thursday, 31 October 2013

An Ode to Movember

Remember, remember
The first of Movember,
The reign of the first facial hair.
Don't pull out your stanley

As they try to be manly
Though their faces may give you a scare.

As they try to be buff
With their new ginger fluff
Don't mock them - encourage them please!
For with only a month
To avoid lookin' a dunce
They're already quite ill-at-ease.

Don't discourage a young Charlie Chaplin,
He's trying his best, can't you see?
Though if as it gets littler
It starts looking like Hitler's
Good luck getting him to agree.

Or perhaps, if he fancies the horseshoe,
And his efforts are really quite thin,
Give him a stencil
And outline in pencil
The rest of the hair on his chin.

The handlebar may be a classic,
But he attains it only through grief.
It's the pro's who excel
Without using gel.
Only December will bring him relief.

Remember, remember
The last of Movember
When mo's all around are revealed,
They may well be sparse
In this less expert class -

But on this our lips will be sealed.

I wrote this last year as a joke for some of my uni friends, and I've rooted it out just in time for this sterling month of self-sacrifice and raising money for charity.
The word-play (November/Movember) makes me pretty happy, too. Mo-bros, if you're interested in doing this, check out

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