Tuesday, 8 October 2013

I have a small problem...

You know those people who stockpile things?

The ones who just can't resist a good bargain, and so simply must have as many as can fit into the car?

Porridge coma. Nngh. Ooh, and monster slippers!
Yup. Them. The people who would be the first to get supplies during the first wave of a zombie apocalypse and/or full-scale alien invasion. 

I'm related to two of them. More commonly known as Mum and Dad. And we all seem to be bitten with the bug that won't let us pass a lovely big display of things on SALE. Especially when we actually use said items.

And, you see, my current predicament came out of Mum wanting to bless me. She knows I like the ready-portioned natural-flavoured porridge sachets from Quakers and Alpen and the like (because I'm a lazy little bum, and scales are a faff, that's why). Since I came home, little gifts or tiny things that will make me happy and that I can't necessarily afford for myself make their way into my daily life, or onto my pillow. Last week it was a voucher for the local hairdresser's. My mum's a legend.

But whatever bug bit her two weeks ago, it was one of evil genius. Morrisons has had Quakers' Golden Syrup porridge for a quid a box for a while now. Perhaps they had too much stock - but whatever it is, they have successfully transferred most of it into our cupboards.

I now have 150 sachets to eat. See you on the other side of christmas.

Much love and laughter,

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