Sunday, 15 January 2012

House Hunting Hype

It's that time of year where everyone who hasn't already got a house/housemates sorted for next year is panicking, and those who have been extra-organised sit back and watch the fun commence. And of course, I'm not in the latter category. Don't be silly. Moi, organised? Ha. I'm not in the first category either, though - sort of mooching along in the middle.

I prayed just before christmas that I'd find some housemates soon and lo and behold, two days later I had them! It's also brilliant to note that they're girls I get on really well with, and who are generally fantastic. We're now looking out for houses and enquiring etc. All that good jazz which just so happens to fall smack bang in the middle of January exams and deadlines. Ironic, non?

So I'm currently google mapping every property I can get my hands on to check walking distance to and from uni, preparing for two deadlines in the next two days and exams as well, and remembering - once I remember to remember - that God's faithful. He doesn't change, doesn't up and leave, doesn't just let you be when it's all sunshine-y, doesn't sit back and watch boredly when life crowds in and makes itself known with a capital L.

So one thing that really stood out for me from church this morning was being encouraged never to give up, but instead to hide behind God if it gets too much. That it can be a bit too much today or tomorrow - and that you don't just get to tell Him that but actually cower, bawl, cry, sob, wheeze, laugh hysterically or otherwise stress out in the safety of your Father's shadow. Wow. Is anyone else just blown away by that?

Anyway, need to get back to revision. Hasta luego, peeps.

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