Saturday, 14 January 2012

Ten (Better Known) Facts About Me

I'm a walking Accident-Zone in Denial.

I can quote most Disney movies off by heart. It's blatantly because my long-term memory's brilliant... *cough*

I drink an obscene amount of tea. I have a teapot, a tea-for-one, eight teacups, three mugs, and 12 types of tea in my cupboard, and I would still sell everything I own and buy Whittards if it ever went bust.

I'm an adrenaline junkie... just not a very successful one. See first item on list.

I am in love with a God whose faithfulness (to my fervent gratitude!) is far greater than my own, and will always blow my mind.

I frequently argue myself into believing that I don't need food this week and that of course I can buy one more book. Consequence: living on toast and marmalade (which isn't a hardship).

I fall over my own feet. A lot. Or even nothing at all, which is slightly more embarassing.

I have wanted a sock monkey since I was four years old, and only recently has this wish been fulfilled by a particularly awesome friend of mine. It is pink and stripy, has mismatching button eyes, and is called Arnie Schwarznegger. *bliss*

I often make a festival out of a random day of the week, just to have an excuse to make cakes and eat nice food. HAPPY SATURDAY!

I still love marmalade.

Hey! This was to celebrate passing the 730 views mark for my blog. :) I have no idea why that number is significant, but Sal said it was, and I'm too respectful (read TERRIFIED) of her not to agree. So, voila! Here it is. It's now 1am or something like that. I am tired, and I have nothing else to say for myself. Nighty night, world.


  1. Are you sure you mean Schwarznigger? Or SchwarznEgger? :P xx

  2. Aha, my bad. *goes to change the spelling* Bearing in mind it was gone 1am. I was sleepy!

  3. Read the first one - don't feel that I have to read on any further!