Saturday, 23 March 2013

Be kind to you

There are so many germs going around at the moment.

And if you're not sick, you're probably tired. It seems to be enough time after that brief Christmas break that we're all absolutely shattered.

I don't have any life techniques, keep-yourself-healthy hints or clues as to a bright and energetic life, but I do have one thing to ask:

Be kind to you.

If you're tired, now is not the time to be taking on a million other things. Whatever it is that helps you rest, do it.

Even if that's curling up in front of the TV and doing absolutely nothing.

But, you say, that's such a waste of time! There's so many things I need to get done.

Nope. Your first priority is you. How can you do other things if you're running on empty? How can you do them well?

Sleep. Have a proper breakfast. Drink hot drinks. Watch films. Read books. Go swimming. Go for a walk. Go for a coffee with a friend. Go to the theatre. Go to the cinema. Stroke your cat. Steal someone else's cat and stroke theirs.

If the thought of actually letting go of things for a day fills you with a kind of stupefied joy, you're probably too busy. If it makes you fret because there will be things left undone, you're definitely too busy.

Be kind to you.

Much love,

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